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 Father's Day weekend 06/16-17-18/17 @ Rausch Creek PA

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PostSubject: Father's Day weekend 06/16-17-18/17 @ Rausch Creek PA   Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:09 pm

Hello, a buddy w/LR3 and i w/D1 are planing to go to Rausch Creek Friday night, camping into Saturday where a green guided trail event is going to be hosted by offroad-consulting.com will take place. After the event we had planned on heading back home in time for whatever the wife's had planned for us. Leaving ultimately Sunday (Father's Day) open. Let me know if anyone wants to join and your plans. (20one) 77six-one236

Rausch Creek has a $15 membership fee & $40 wheeling fee
Offroad Consulting has a $30 fee to take tour.

bring snacks/lunch/beer if you come for guide, bring bbq/camping/beer stuff if you stay.

P.S. offroad-consulting would like for you to sign up via their website so they have a head count.
P.S.S. Rausch Creek would like for you to email them a head count of people camping.
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Father's Day weekend 06/16-17-18/17 @ Rausch Creek PA
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