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 Write Ups and How Tos

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PostSubject: Write Ups and How Tos   Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:07 am

Proceed with any of these instructions at your own risk!

ABS Light, Three Amigos & the ABS Amigo (D2)
Flush brake fluid
Fix ABS Modulator Shuttle Valve Switch error code
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines D2
Converting RRC from ABS to non-ABS

CDL - Center Diff Lock
Cdl kit install instructions
04 CDL Shifter Installation Video

Bleed Cooling System on a D2
Fix Throttle Body Heater Gasket DII
D1 Aux Electric Fan Part #
Water Temp Gauge

Rebuild Prop Shaft double cardon u-joint
Driveshaft Rebuild
**D2 Front driveshaft rebuild Part #'s U-joints are Precision 344 (3 required) and Centering ball is Precision 617 (1 required)**

Seafoam Induction Cleaning D2
Throttle body cleaning
Replace SAI Pump Filter
Oil Pressure Gauge DII
Serpentine Belt Routing for D1, RRC and D90
Serpentine Belt Routing for D2
Changing the Engine Oil on an LR3
Head Gasket Issues RR, RRC, D1 & D2

Painting Faded Fender Flares D2
Wiper Blades won't work (D1 & D2)
Gate door won't open D1 & D2

Remove Discovery I Fuel Pump / Fix

Replace wires without removing IM D2
Crankshaft position sensor D2
Key Fob Repair D2
Starter Replacement D1

Paint D2 headliner board
Door Lock Actuator Replacement D2
Clock replacement on a D1 and D2
Changing Temp from C to F on a D2
Heated Seats D2 (Installation and trouble shooting)

SRS (Safety Restraint System)
Solving SRS Light Problems for a D2

SLS to Coil Conversion

Transfer Case
Change Transfer Case oil/ Re-seal cover plate - D1/D2

Change the trans fluid on a D2
Can't Shift into or out of park (D1)

Maintenance Information
60K Service and more for used vehicles see also Major Service for 60k plus

Documents or Articles
The RAVE complete workshop manual (large file)
DII: Recalls, Service Bulletins, Technical Alerts, Technical Bulletins
23 Upgrades For '94-'04 Land Rover Discovery

Buying a Rover
D1 & D2 Side by Side Comparison
[url=http://landroverforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21328]What to look for when buying a Land Rover Discovery
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Write Ups and How Tos
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