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 2.5 TD 90k

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PostSubject: 2.5 TD 90k   Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:27 am

Hey guys, have this for sale from my 200tdi swap. Many of you may already know from other boards

On ebay now, if you want it shoot me an email/PM and we can work something out for NELRC members On ebay for 750 w/ a 1250 Buy it Now

From the auction:

I'm Selling a 2.5TD w/90k miles on it

Engine runs great. No smoke (aside from a little during a cold start but it goes away in seconds). In the summer months I give it a second or none of glow plugs and it fires right up. 40-60 degrees i'd give it 5 seconds 0-30 degree a good 20 seconds. Its never failed to start for me. On a cold cold day it will run a little rough for a few seconds but smooths right out after you tap the throttle once. I really have no issues with this motor. The only reason it is for sale is because I got a great deal on a 200tdi rebuild and put it in my truck.

I do have a catch can off the breather valve, in 3k miles it has captured only ~2 oz of oil. This is no big deal at all. I only put the catch can in their becase my breather valve was routed back into the intake before my air filter, and I didn't want the oil getting on the filter. In most trucks its routed after the air filter and the engine just burns it off. I wouldnt consider this a big deal at all!

Comes with all front accesories (PS pump, water pump, etc) EXCEPT for the fan

There are two studs from the bellhousing missing (i had to use those on my new engine) and 1 copper washer on a fuel line i had to use on the new engine as well. Other than that this engine is 100% complete

Fan shroud and radiator are available if you want it.

Again I had no issues with this engine and it was just pulled from my truck in May of this year. Its sitting on a pallet ready to roll. I will deliver within 200miles of NJ or meet up within reason. Any shipping long distances is at buyers expense and please contact me before bidding if you are requiring shipping. If I deliver this you must have means to take it out of a pickup at your location (cherry picker, fork lift, 10 strong friends etc)

Here are 3 videos, one of the engine running just before I started the swap, and another (2) of my truck this past winter off roading. This would be a great engine for a budget build, a Series truck, or anyone who just wants a spare engine even!

Its not the fastest engine in the world, but it pushed my defender on the highway w/ 31" tires fine at 60-65mph, but anything more than that it you could tell it was working too hard (prob due to gearing mostly), it will idle all day long off road up and over anything. Runs very cool, never had any issues with it. I wheeled for a whole 3 day weekend and barely used 1/2 tank (that includes some highway runs as well).

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2.5 TD 90k
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