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 Bulk Galvinzing - Group Discount

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PostSubject: Bulk Galvinzing - Group Discount   Bulk Galvinzing - Group Discount I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2012 9:35 am

Hey guys, I'm going to get my roof rack galvanized. The way it works is once we get over 500lbs the price really drops, and the closer to 4000lbs we get the deeper the discount gets.

Sooo does anyone have stuff they want galzanized? Even if its just some small pieces this would benifit you the most. I was thinking I could go around one morning with my trailer, swing by everyones place and pick stuff up (or if its not too big you could drop it off at my house) and then make one drop off at the place and one delivery to everyone when its done. I was thinking about a week or two from now, but no rush, if people need to wait a little longer thats fine, i just dont want to put it off for months.

I'll be bringing it to V&S Galvanizing in South amboy NJ If we get over 500lbs it works out to be about 50 cents per pound figuring it needs to be stripped and galvanized.

Feel free to call me with any ?'s - 732-874-4134 or let me know about interest. I'm pretty good about checking the boards but you can email me at adriangubbay@gmail.com as well.

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Bulk Galvinzing - Group Discount
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