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 new2me 69 2a 88 - couple of questions

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PostSubject: new2me 69 2a 88 - couple of questions   Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:15 am


After 30 years I'm a series owner again! I recently bought a 1969 series 2a 88. I've got about 120 miles on it now and have a few things I'm puzzled about -

1. defroster hose - I have a length of 1.5" black plastic defroster hose that came with the truck. It looks like it was designed to go from the distribution box running under the dash to the 2 diffusers at the windscreen. Yet the hose does not fit the diffusers - it's maybe 1/4" too small in diameter? It looks like what RoversNorth etc are selling. I've tried many remedies including placing a length of hose in the microwave before trying to stretch over the diffuser. Is there a trick to this? Is this the right hose? What is a suitable replacement?

2. Track rod - the track rod that adjusts the steering toe-in / toe-out won't lock - is there a trick to making it lock into position or do I need to replace the clamps or rod?

3. Spring bushings - mine are shot - REALLY shot. How hard are they to remove and replace. The springs dont look that great either, with some broken clip rivets - do folks replace with "regular" springs or parabolics?

4. Gearbox - likes to pop out of 3rd on the over-run - live with it? or rebuild? otherwise seems to be ok.

5. Best replacement tires to get for street use in snowy CT?


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new2me 69 2a 88 - couple of questions
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