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 Time to upgrade....

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PostSubject: Time to upgrade....   Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:52 pm

Looking at selling my 90 only because I want to move up to a 110 and do a ground up restoration/build to exactly fit my needs. If you have a 110 I would be open to trades/partial trades

The truck is. 1988, RIGHT HAND DRIVE. It has 91k miles and I have every reason to believe that is accurate. I bought it with 87K miles 1.5 yrs ago. It came to me from James Brown with No limit expeditions. I have done a lot of work to the truck since buying it, but the bones of the truck were always solid.

The engine is a 200tdi (defender version) I swapped in last year. It is supposedly a fresh rebuild, and I have the 2009 receipt of purchase from the original buyer. It runs very well. On cold mornings (40 degrees or less)its a little rough, until you put a load on it, then it smooths right out. For me, it's usually till the end of my block at the longest which is maybe a 1/4 mile.
Transmission is a lt77, shifts and operates without a hitch
Transfer case also operates just fine and goes into diff lock, high and low without any issues
I swapped in 24 spline axles/diff last year on both ends. The rear I totally stripped the housing down, and rebuilt it, fresh paint, the likes (what looks like rust in the pictures is just the brown rust prohibitor I put down as a base coat, I plan on puttin a thicker coat of black on it when the weather warms up). It has rear disc brakes
The truck has wolf wheels that were powder coated with a textured black finish. There is some minor rash on 2 of them from wheeling, nothing major at all
Tires are 255/85/16 big m/t km2. Less than 2k miles on them, spare has not touched pavement
I have OME 2766 and 2781 springs with new isoltators, which all have less than 3k miles on them. It gives the truck about a 2.5" lift and rides pretty decent. Not noticeably harsh in anyway, and the new isolators made a huge difference in ride quality
Shocks are bilstiens and came with the truck, but look relatively new. I put in all new front radius arms bushings, new drag link and steering arm tie rod ends, new shock towers as well in the front
The frame is in rather good shape. I'd give it a 8 out of 10. The rear cross member is new, one of the first things I did when i bought it. There was on small area that needed repair, I cut it out and welded in 1/8 plate. It's very solid. There is some surface rust here and there, but the frame had a good coating of Waxoyl when I bought it and from what I can see, and what I saw during my engine swap it did a very good job of keeping rust out. The bulkhead is rust free from what i could see (including what I saw when the engine was out), same goes for the footwells and floor boards. The tub all around is in great shape.
The only areas that you may want to address are:
The battery box, which i may be doing very soon.
The door bottoms are not totally shot, but they are certainly on their way out. Theres enough left where you could easily take them apart and repair them. The passenger door post has some rust/rot down at the bottom. its not structurally unsound but it was an area I've noticed

The truck has been painted black by either the previous owner or the guy before. it cleans up ok, but has some dings and dents here and there. under the hood you can see the original blue color in spots, and there are places the paint has chipped here and there on the outside. Its not perfect, but cleans up ok, and actually shines decently with a wipe of quick detailer. The truck has been on the trail, and has some pin striping to show it.
The tub is in very good shape, with no corrosion that i can find. The inside of the truck has been rhino lined. Not my favorite thing but thats how it came. Some may love it. I put a rubber lining on the cargo area floor, which can easily be removed if you want. Same with the wheel well covers I've made.
The seats were re-upholstered by a local shop. He does great work. He repaired the foam as needed, they are firm and supportive, as much a defender seat can be. The headliner is a little saggy, it doesn't bother me one bit to be honest. The same guy that did my seats quoted me $150 to re-do it.
All guages and electrics work properly. It has a new radio, but the speakers are rather old. The door cards have seen better days, especially the driver side. If i fix the doors, i'll get new cards with speakers in them.
The dash is in good shape, the tunnel cover has seen some wear and wouldn't mind being replaced i'm sure. The floor boards are in great shape. I have two rear bench seats, one is installed, one is in the garage collecting dust.

The truck has a brand new fuel tank, rock sliders galvanzied roof rack and ladder, winch bumper w/ 9k lbs winch (Its just a harbor frieght, but it hasn't failed me yet). Has a raised air intake, front and rear recovery points, mantec steering guard.
It drives very well, steering is tight, brakes feel good, clutch is good. Shifts very well and is a rather capable truck on and off road. It drives just fine at 70mph indicated, i usually keep it at 60 indicated though. I say indicated b/c w/ the 34" tires I'm sure its showing 5-10mph lower than what Im actually doing at highway speeds. I would have no worries driving this truck on any sort of long trip, on or offroad. You could leave it as is for years to come and be happy. I just want a 110 so its not the truck for me anymore.

Asking $18,000 The truck will be at ROMP if anyone wants to check it out. I will gladly help with delivery. Reasonable offers entertained, but I'm not looking to give this truck away

Pictures are honest. I didn't spray it with paint or coat it in tire shine befor esnapping pics. You'll see dirt and surfrace rust where it is.

Link for Pictures:

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PostSubject: Re: Time to upgrade....   Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:26 am

very nice truck! I have ridden in it and if you are in the market it's def worth a look.
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Mud Tire Addict

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PostSubject: Re: Time to upgrade....   Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:37 pm

Hilltoppersx wrote:
very nice truck! I have ridden in it and if you are in the market it's def worth a look.

Thanks Ed!
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PostSubject: Re: Time to upgrade....   

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Time to upgrade....
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