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 89 Range Rover Classic

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PostSubject: 89 Range Rover Classic   Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:40 pm

Friend of mine has the above truck in a garage and has had it there since 2004. He's had the truck probably since 99. It has been inside the whole time.

Truck isn't running (surprise) Great Divide and I looked at it and I'd bet it is a fuel pump. It had old gas for 10 years so its probably gummed to crap... truck has 87,000 miles (seriously) and motor was rebuilt 13,000 miles ago. Ran great till it was parked in 2004.

There is some serious rust on the back half of the frame/suspension but didn't find any rot.

It has some beautiful bones but it needs a serious detail and plan on doing some work. Put it in the garage and you could have a very nice truck for very little money. He's looking for $1000.00. But the truck has to be gone this weekend so he's open to offers. Figure he can only get 6-700 from the salvage yard so...

Here's some pics. Two before it was parked are gorgeous and that should give you an idea of what's possible.

You can reach him, (Leon) at 603-247-2613.

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89 Range Rover Classic
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