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 Heated Seats D2

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PostSubject: Heated Seats D2   Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:14 pm

Installing Heated Seats (Disco 2)

Atlantic British sells kits that include two switches and a new plastic trim panel. All Disco 2's with leather seats come pre-wired for heated seats just some were not given the switches to activate them.

First pop the trim panel off where the window switches are, you may have to move the rubber mat. Then unscrew the 4 screws to release the switches from the holder. You will see the wiring harnesses sitting there. You can connect them according to the directions, screw the switches back in place and pop in the new trim panel. The lights on the heated seat switches should light up when installed correctly and it will take a few moments for the seats to warm.

There are no temp settings, the heated seats are either activated or not.

Trucks that do not have leather do not have the heating elements in place that are necessary to use these plug and play kits.

The kit is available from Atlantic British.

Please note that the kits from the 99-02's are different from the 03-04 kits.

If only the bottom or only the back of the seat is getting wrm that means the heater element is most likely shot. If the whole seat is not getting warm then check the fuse under the seat.
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Heated Seats D2
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