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 Allmakes 4x4 Panhard Bushings

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Allmakes 4x4 Panhard Bushings Empty
PostSubject: Allmakes 4x4 Panhard Bushings   Allmakes 4x4 Panhard Bushings I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2011 12:12 am

SOOO replaced the RTE panhard bushing with an All makes 4x4 bushing. ANNNDDD It almost killed me tonight! Drove on it for less than a month and it's already SHOT.

I was coming off the highway on an off ramp, hit a bump and thought my axle broke off my truck lol

After I regained control of my truck I pulled it over and grabbed onto my panhard to realize it moved like it didnt even have a bushing. Made the mistake of tightening it up hoping it would get me home.

Finally got him and now I'm realizing I bent the god damn axle mount.

I am going to order poly bushings from Justin tomorrow and then try to figure out how to fix this.

On a positive note I got an alignment and my front shaft doesnt seem to be vibrating any more.

In the defense of the bushing it could have had something to do with not having an alignment and adding the extra inch of lift..... But I doubt it.
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Allmakes 4x4 Panhard Bushings
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